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The Educational Foundation of Birchwood began in 2001 when a small group of concerned Birchwood citizens witnessed decreasing state school funding and wanted to preserve educational opportunities for Birchwood students. Since that time, our board has evolved into this unique, enthusiastic family of diverse personalities and talents--each passionate about securing a great education for Birchwood area kids.

Some of our trustees are Birchwood alumni. Some have had children or grandchildren enrolled here.

Some own vacation property in the area and have no other connection to the school but were so inspired by our foundation’s work that they wanted to join us on the board!  We have a teacher representative and include one or two senior students to be the voice of the student body.

Every child deserves a high-quality education regardless of where they live,​ ​their circumstances or their own unique learning style.


Dr. Foster Soper, President (715.505.9696)

Kimberly Will, Vice-President

Bob Herscher, Treasurer

Jan LeBrocq

Amy Okey

Brad Waznik

Tom Hankee

Mark Nelson

Diane Johnson, Superintendent/Ex-Officio

Jenny Landes, Teacher Advisor/Secretary

Adam Robotka, Student Representative

Shiloh Schultz, Student Representative

Doug Sorbie, Trustee Emeritus

Ken Olson, Trustee Emeritus

Ted Wuebben, Trustee Emeritus


The Educational Foundation of Birchwood was established to strengthen community participation in our school and provide financial support, 
today and in the future, for innovative educational programs and creative projects that inspire both teachers and students to achieve educational excellence.


Every fall, staff and students of Birchwood School are encouraged to submit grant requests to the Educational Foundation for innovative programs, projects and experiences that are not able to be funded by the school district. Through fundraisers, grants and donations, we have been able to secure the funds necessary to grant most worthy requests. With responsible planning and your support, we will be able to ensure that grant funding will continue to be secure.



The Birchwood School District has paved the road by implementing cutting-edge educational options to support the needs of every child. The goal of the Educational Foundation is to ensure that those educational opportunities rival the opportunities of any great school and continue to innovate for the future. We are launching a planned giving program to cultivate a sustainable revenue stream that will secure funds for these ever-evolving needs.


It is with excitement and immense gratitude that we announce our new partnership with the Dave and Carolyn Cleveland family. They are challenging our entire community to contribute to their matching grant of up to $500,000 for the Endowment of the Educational Foundation of Birchwood! Through this matching pledge, your donations will DOUBLE THE IMPACT of our work to ensure that the educational needs of Birchwood area students will be protected--in perpetuity!

There has never been a better time to give-

help us help the kids!

Join Us On Our Journey

What Will Your Legacy Be? Your Legacy. Our Future.

Educational Foundation of Birchwood

The Educational Foundation of Birchwood is a non-profit

501(c)(3) dedicated to supporting and preserving educational opportunities for Birchwood area students.

Email: birchwoodfoundation@hotmail.com

Mail: PO Box 388, Birchwood WI 54817

Phone: Foster Soper (715.505.9696)


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