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The state of Wisconsin identifies Birchwood as “property-rich/population-poor” citing the many charming homes on surrounding area lakes compared to a small community population. State aid, along with open enrollment and property taxes, comprises the primary funding for all school districts. Birchwood’s “property rich/population poor” label qualifies the district as a “zero-aided” district, despite serving the unique and ongoing needs of a community experiencing a 56% poverty rate. With little state aid, Birchwood relies on property taxes and open enrollments. Property taxes in the Birchwood School District are the 12th lowest in Wisconsin due to a low mill rate (6.35). Regarding open enrollments, Birchwood School continues to attract out-of-district families seeking unique learning opportunities including an E1 and E2 Montessori, a project-based school, a virtual school, and an outdoor-enriched traditional school.

"In response to the growing financial challenges of the district, the Educational Foundation of Birchwood was formed to support Birchwood School District. The Foundation fills needs that are only met because of the generosity and support of these leaders and the businesses and individuals that support the Foundation’s mission and vision.  Every school should be so lucky to have a “village of people” taking care of their children!" 

Diane Johnson, Birchwood School Superintendent

With your partnership, we are making quality

education a sustainable reality.

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Highlighted Project Funding

Get Out There, Fab Lab, (FBLA), Technology, Musical Instruments

Apples for Teachers, Angel Fund, Science Olympiad 

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