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PO Box 388, Birchwood, WI 54817
Foster Soper  (715.505.9696)


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Any of our board members would be happy to talk with you about our Foundation, its importance to our school, and how we can help you create a legacy of quality education for kids from the Birchwood area.

Dr. Foster Soper, President

Contact: 715.505.9696 or

Kimberly Will, Vice-President

Contact: 715.416.0808 or

Bob Herscher, Treasurer

Contact: 715.354.3541 or

Jan LeBrocq

Contact: 715.491.0569 or

Amy Okey

Contact: 608.723.9357 or

Brad Waznik

Contact: 715.309.9693 or

Tom Hankee

Contact: 612.868.0092 or

Mark Nelson

Contact: 612.801.8098 or

Diane Johnson, Superintendent/Ex-Officio

Jenny Landes, Teacher Advisor/Secretary

Adam Robotka, Student Representative

Shiloh Schultz, Student Representative

Doug Sorbie, Trustee Emeritus

Ken Olson, Trustee Emeritus

Ted Wuebben, Trustee Emeritus

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What Will Your Legacy Be? Your Legacy. Our Future.

Educational Foundation of Birchwood

The Educational Foundation of Birchwood is a non-profit

501(c)(3) dedicated to supporting and preserving educational opportunities for Birchwood area students.


Mail: PO Box 388, Birchwood WI 54817

Phone: Foster Soper (715.505.9696)


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